Mindset, Miracles and Messaging Retreat

You are a heart-centred, female entrepreneur, who desires to make magic in the world. You know that every time you are ready to make a BIGGER difference, and tap even more deeply into your power, means challenging yourself to shift your mindset. The idea that it’s 80% mindset, 20% strategy makes sense to you. When you work on your mind, it’s remarkable how much easier it becomes to create a bigger impact with your ideal clients AND take monetizing your message into the stratosphere. 

25th – 29th September – elevate your mindset and monetize your message 

Imagine waking up feeling the warmth of the sun already on your skin, as you move out to the balcony, enjoying a few deep, long breaths as you re-centre yourself for the day, before taking a little time to journal your thoughts, ideas and creative sparks that came to you during the night. Then moving downstairs to enjoy a beautifully prepared breakfast from your own personal chef as you prepare for your morning yoga session.  

Once you’ve stretched your body and opened your mind, taking time to reflect without the pitter, patter of tiny feet scurrying around, perhaps you’ll take a dip in the cool pool, before indulging yourself in the deep transformative mindset and miracle work that you’ve come for. Seeing and feeling instantaneous results in both your mind and body as you open up and expand into the highest vision you have for your life, your business and the impact you know you are capable of making as you elevate yourself and your business up to the next level. After another beautifully curated lunch, served to you in a flower filled garden that can only incite further creativity, inspiration and expansion, it’s time to tune in, refine or perhaps even recreate a truly magnetic message that accurately reflects the deepest desires you have for the transformation you seek to facilitate within your tribe.  

Before an evening banquet fit for the Queen that you are!

Gozo is the Perfect Place to Spend 4 Beautiful Days and Night 

Letting go of the blocks that have stopped you elevating your mindset and your money to the next level.  

Utilizing the magical energy of the island to lean into the highest vision you have for yourself both personally and professionally. 

Refining on creating a magnetizing message that represents you and the next level of your business. 

Maximizing my team of body and soul energy workers so you leave the retreat feeling like you’ve been away for a month…radiating luminosity. 

So Why Should You Join Us? 

As busy wives, sisters, parents, dog walkers, business owners, change makers, and innovators it’s very easy to get stuck working IN your business rather than ON the bigger picture you have for yourself and your life. 

You know about mindset but you know there is no ‘I made it’. 

As someone who yearns for continued growth and expansion, both personally and professionally, you know that the only reason you’re not at the next phase yet is because there are things you need to let go of. As you work with me and my team of specialist mind and soul energy workers on a daily basis, you can expect to make quantum leaps. Leaving you perfectly primed to take on the world with a clear mission and purpose.  

You’ve known that there is soo much more that you yearn to give but you don’t know how to make it happen. 

We’ll show you why you can afford to stop pushing and start allowing magic and miracles to take place now. 

You know that whilst taking a break with your family is good for business, but taking time out by yourself to enjoy a carefully curated program of mind, body and soul work has the potential to catapult the relationships you have with your loved ones and your clients into the ‘miracle zone.’ 

As you design and grow into and identify YOUR message in a more powerful way than you have ever communicated before, you’ll see how the KEY strategy for impact will be learning how to OWN and share that message without fear. How? Don’t worry about that I have you covered there too. 

The Venue

Gozo is a magical island off of Malta and means joy. Just 25 minutes from Malta via ferry, it could not be any more different from its parent island. With a rustic, romantic and magical feel, as a guest of Casa Mezzodi, where you’ll be staying during your trip, you can’t help but feel the mysticism of the island.

Casa Mezzodi is a beautiful 18th Century farm house, that has more than enough living space for our intimate group of 5 or 6 guests. With a outdoor pool and communal sleeping areas, whether you choose to vibe off the company of the group, or prefer to enjoy reflective time on one of the five balconies, the choice will be yours. 

The island itself is steeped in mythology with temples and artefacts dating back to beyond the pyramids. Stunning coastline and breath-taking landscapes to observe, all you need to do is show up and lean into what has been designed to be a truly life enhancing and transformation experience. 

The Food 

With food prepared by The Gozo Chef, all of your dietary requirements, alongside soft drinks, will be provided from our specially prepared menu. Full of vegetarian delights and beautiful fresh from sea local fish for meat eaters. Expect only the best from this fully catered VIP service. 

Meet the Team

Sarah Jane Rawkins – International Iyengar Yoga Teacher 

SJ is a beautiful soul, whose smile has the capacity to light up any room and I am truly honored for her to be an integral part of the Gozo Retreat Team. Her uncanny ability to connect at the work we are doing with our hearts and minds, into the physical is magnificent. As part of the program you will be able to choose whether you join us for the grounding, and expansive work we do physically with our bodies each day. 

Based in Holland, SJ’s yoga journey started in 1997 when she participated in a class on a trip to Thailand. Now spreading her time teaching and learning in Holland, Crete, Portugal and the UK. You and your body really are in the very best hands. 

From Sarah: “Yoga is a life long journey of exploration which is ever evolving... The more you learn, the more there is to learn, penetrating deeper levels of yourself, your life, and your understanding....... I love to share what I have learnt and wish to light the spark of inspiration in others...” 

Pip King – Theta Healer and teacher 

Pippa King has been helping transform people’s lives with Theta Healing for over a decade. Creating long lasting change instantly with this simple but powerful tool for healing. 

What if you don’t need to heal anything? 

Don’t be fooled by the name, Theta can be used for all phases of growth, expansion and letting go of what is not serving you so you are able to move more rapidly into a space of awareness that leaves you feeling ready to create a miracle filled life and business. Get yourself ready to start always loving and connecting with the highest vision you’ll have for yourself and letting go of the blocks that have been preventing you from living that vision TODAY. 

Cat Moyle 

Definitely the coolest Cat on the team. 😊 Whilst she is many things a guru ain’t one of them. She is an Holistic Therapist, Yogi, Novice Meditator, Avid Sharer, Altruist, Optimist, Prolific Swearer, Dancefloor Demon, Freak Flag Flyer, Massive fan of sounds and the sea. 

She is a fierce believer in you and your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. She is committed to sharing what she learns that might help you remember that via one to one holistic bodywork sessions. You’ll be working with Cat specifically on one of her signature treatments, heart alignment massage. 

If you want to feel more you than you have ever felt, more comfortable in your own skin – even under the weight of your beautiful crown, heart alignment massage is where it begins. 

Elisenda Kirchmaya 

Elisenda Kirchmayr has a deep longing to create sustainable living on earth together with YOU! She is passionate in supporting you to manifest your heart based business in its full potential. After learning about energies, and that we create our outside world from within ourselves, I felt I found the answer: Now I assist people to change from within. 

In “Life Alignment” - a transformational healing system of body, heart and mind helps people to release the baggage from the past, to connect with who they truly are and to find their life purpose. 

 In this retreat I will guide you through a process called “manifestation balance”. We will release blockages that are holding you back, and bring in new qualities you need to be able to manifest your heart based business. 

The more you grow, expand and are fully present in what you do, the more the business flows! 


My name is Suzy Ashworth and I am your host for this Mindset, Miracles and Messaging retreat. My mission is a simple one, to help heart-centered, creative female entrepreneurs who want to change the world, have fun and make money doing it, understand their truly unlimited potential. By helping you bust through mindset blocks and unlocking what it means to truly DO-YOU at your next level of brilliance. 

Why should you want to work with me? 

Not only do I have my own businesses The Calm Birth School which was the first video based hypnobirthing program in the world, which since its launch has had over 650 paying clients, but I’ve also helped women like YOU crack through their income ceiling taking them from earning £1K a month to £14K in less than 90 days. This is achieved by simply helping them tune into the words that bring their passion and fire to the forefront, so they are able to communicate the message they have for their client in the most magnetizing and powerful way. 

Translating to – more clients. 

An increased love for life. 

Deeper impact.

And of course, more money. 

AKA true alignment with your highest self. 

What They Say

What’s in it For You? – The Benefits

- Clarity on what you need to let go of in order to step up into the next level of business 

- The opportunity to step out of the daily grind and connect more deeply with yourself than you have for a long time. 

- Mastermind on your business and where you want to take it over the next 6 months. 

- Get clear on how your message will evolve to reach more of your ideal clients as you uplevel your business.

- An implementation plan for you to take your message to market. 

- Business coaching within your retreat group for 3 months following the retreat.  

- Meeting and brainstorming with like-minded souls. 

- Breath-taking landscapes and scenery to take in, providing you with the perfect canvas for inspiration and aha moments waiting to unfold.  

- A dedicated team of export body and soul workers. 

- Space to think and be alone, which is where the magic often happens. 

- Tools and techniques you will be able to take with you to continue building on your mindset once you arrive back home in the real world. 


FB Group for Retreat attendees for 1 month pre retreat and 3 months post retreat - Value Priceless

3 months group coaching post the retreat to help you stay on track. - Value £3000 

To join us: 

To regiter place your deposit of £500 below.  

Questions? Please email us.

What’s included? 

  • 4 Workshops hosted by my dream team 
  • Fully catered food and soft drinks 
  • Stylish farmhouse accommodation 
  • Transport during your stay
  • Cave Excursion 
  • 4 business masterminding sessions 
  • Daily yoga 

What’s not included?

  • Flights 
  • Transfers 
  • Alcohol 
  • Personal purchases 
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance 

 Remaining investment is £2000 (payment plans available)

£500 registration fee is non-refundable unless when we decide on the confirmation call that the retreat isn't the right fit for you right now.

Only 5 4 spaces remaining


For The Trip: Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the £500 GBP deposit. 

Any cancellation made between: May 1, 2017 and July 31st 2017 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: August 1st 2017 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. 

We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.