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The Calm Birth Method is the book for modern mamas-to-be looking to create a calm and positive birth experience. Offering a direct and no-nonsense approach to birth preparation, this book is designed to give mothers, fathers, birth partners and everyone involved, confidence in the birth process. Hypnobirthing expert Suzy Ashworth explores the physiology and psychology of the mind and body during pregnancy and birth, and shares tools and techniques to help women work with the physiology of the birthing body rather than against it. 

This book explores: 

  • Why women are fearful of giving birth and how to eliminate these fears during pregnancy 
  • Practical tools and techniques promoting deep relaxation and mindfulness 
  • How to unify birth partners and care providers, to ensure the birthing environment is stress-free and has the most conducive set up for a calm and relaxing birth 
  • Breathing techniques and visualizations to help with the sensations of birth 

Birth is a natural and normal event and, while it can be unpredictable, this book will show how women can make it a gentle and enjoyable experience, and a positively memorable first step into motherhood.


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